Don't deny Samia Shahid justice she deserves, Naz Shah MP asks of Imran Khan
By Barfi Culture Team
12th September 2018

Labour MP Naz Shah has written a letter calling on Pakistan's PM Imran Khan not to deny justice to British woman Samia Shahid, who was murdered there in 2016.

Barfi Culture has seen the letter and publishes it below.

Samia's murder was branded an 'honour killing' after she was founded dead at her cousin's home in Punjab, Pakistan. Her parents initially claimed she had died of a heart attack. A forensic examination later confirmed she had been strangled.

But the case only received international attention after the Bradford MP Naz Shah (pictured, right) wrote to Pakistan's then PM Nawaz Sharif, calling for an independent investigation.

A police chief later said Samia's ex-husband Muhammad Shakeel and father Muhammad Shahid were "involved" in her death. The MP has received death threats in her native Bradford for raising the case.

It is alleged that Samia Shahid was forced into her first marriage. After she managed to obtain a divorce she voluntarily married Syed Mukhtar Kazam (pictured, left) and went to live in Dubai.

In 2016 she was asked to come to Pakistan as her father was apparently quite ill. Less than a week later she was found dead.

A letter to Imran Khan

Naz Shah has written a letter to Imran Khan as it appears that Muhammad Shakeel, Samia's ex-husband, has been freed on bail due to a lack of progress in the trial. He denies her murder.

"This week I have been informed that despite being charged with murder on the basis of clear evidence, the accused (Samia's first husband) has been granted bail having spent two years in custody," she writes.

She adds: "I am deeply concerned and am struggling to understand why the state has not taken a lead in this case to pursue justice, and, alarmingly why the onus is on the victim's family to pursue justice and pay for the prosecution team."

She ends by saying: "I have very real worries that this case will be forgotten and that any further delay in proceedings risks justice not being served for Samia and her family."

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