Rise in incidents of abuse against British Muslim women after Boris Johnson's comments
By Barfi Culture Team
12th August 2018

There has been a rise in the number of incidents of abuse against Muslim women after Boris Johnson's comments, according to Tell MAMA.

The organisation monitors hate-crimes and says the incidents were clearly related to the former Foreign Secretary's comments.

After Boris Johnson's comment and the resulting furore:
- a London woman wearing a niqab reported being abused on Wednesday
- three more such incidents were reported in London and Luton on Thursday
- abuse against a woman wearing a niqab was reported in London on Friday.
- five incidents reported in Guildford, Leicester and London on the day Johnson’s column was published
- several incidents of abuse against hijab-wearing Muslim women were also reported on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Police have not corroborated these figures as they are not always reported. Moreover, police figures on hate-crimes are not released so quickly.

Tell MAMA say the number of incidents last week represented a clear jump from earlier. Its research has shown that hate-crimes are closely linked to inflammatory statements by politicians or media coverage.

Several such incidents were also posted to Twitter

Rabina Khan, a Tower Hamlets councillor, wrote in the Independent: "Over the weekend, I went on a trip with a group of women and a male passenger allowed us to board the train first,” she wrote in The Independent.

"One of the women was wearing a niqab and she was the last one to get on the train. The man laughed and said: ‘Hold on, you forgot the letterbox'."

Even Boris Johnson's brother Leo felt he needed to speak out over the weekend, tweeting:

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