Without proof, some in India are pointing fingers at Sikhs for Mississauga blast
By Barfi Culture Team
26th May 2018

15 people were injured on Thursday night after a small bomb exploded at an Indian restaurant in Mississauga. The authorities have not identified any suspects or established a motive for the attack.

Yet it didn't take long for some in India to point fingers at Sikhs as potentially being behind the attack.

Last night, WIO News, a news organisation owned by the giant Zee Media Corporation, ran a report saying Sikhs were potentially behind the attack.

Its reporter Sidhant Sibal said: "We know there have been two issues which have been dominating Canada. One of those is racism, that is a thing that can't be ruled out, another is the Khalistani issue, saying that cannot be discounted."

The brief report mentioned Sikh Khalistanis twice, saying they were also accused of abusing freedom of speech by the Indian government.

Similar insinuations were made by Punjab's Chief Minister on Twitter:

Singh has been repeatedly accused of exaggerating Khalistani extremism in his state for political gain.

The implication that Sikhs were involved brought a sharp rebuke from Sikhs on Media - new working group set up by Canadian journalists.

"We are shocked and saddened by the Mississauga explosion. We stand in solidarity with the victims and all those impacted. As there is currently no information available as to the motives behind this heinous act or who the perpetrators may be, we strongly condemn the unfounded and highly irresponsible comments made by senior Indian officials."

It adds: "Any insinuation that this terrible crime is linked to any specific community is baseless and highly damaging. This type of speculation or spreading of false information before a full investigation is completed, is a reprehensible attempt to take advantage of an extremely tragic situation for political purposes. It is an attempt to sow division when unity is needed. We fully support local Canadian authorities in their investigation and urge anyone with information or in need of assistance to contact the Peel Regional Police."

The Ontario Gurdwara Committee also released a statement saying they were "shocked" to hear about the bomb blast and stood "in solidarity" with the victims.

Peel Regional Police, which are leading the investigation, said last night that all injured victims had now been released from hospital.

Its also worth noting the Bombay Bhel restaurant is owned by a turban-wearing Sikh family.

WATCH the WIO News report (via

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