British imam who stopped Muslims from attacking terrorist Darren Osborne showed 'true leadership'
By Barfi Culture Team
2nd February 2018

A judge had nothing but praise today for the London imam who stopped people from attacking a terrorist who drove a van into a crowd of Muslims last year.

Darren Osborne was sentenced today to 43 years in prison for the murder of 51-year-old Makram Ali.

He was branded a terrorist by the judge but not prosecuted under terror legislation. The judge said the law already allowed him leeway for a strong punishment.

In June last year, Darren Osborne drove a van into Muslims who had just come out of Finsbury Park Mosque in London. After he came out of the van he was surrounded by angry people who wanted retribution.

But the local imam, Mohammed Mahmoud, was among the first on the scene and stopped the crowd from attacking Osborne. The Judge said in court today:

"Having been captured while trying to run away after the attack Darren Osborne was in some danger from an angry crowd of about one hundred people but the Imam told them to leave him alone."

"To not seek vengeance; to allow the law to take its course. As it has done. This was a demonstration of true leadership. His behaviour throws into sharp relief the bile spewed out on-line from those who aspire to lead the haters. Not because his exhortation to desist from punishing the perpetrator was remarkable but because he had the strength of character to do the right thing under pressure."

He chose to respond to evil with good. His response should be everyone’s response whether it is to the evil of child grooming and abuse in Rochdale or the evil of terrorist atrocities in our cities."

In June, just after the incident, Mohammed told the media he was helped by others in the community in stopping the attack.

“It was touching our non-Muslim neighbours woke us up this morning to give us their support," he added.

"It is proof that the fabric of this society is not torn, but that we have to continue to keep the fabric of society, and this community of London, intact."

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