7th April 2020   •   opinion
How my elderly parents are coping being stuck at home - exercise and gardening

Image: Min Kaur
I live with parents: my dad is 73 and my mum 69. Both have underlying health conditions and I'm worried about them so I'm staying in with them during this crisis.

But this arrangement also brings its own challenges, and its important to stay fit and healthy through this time.

So I asked my parents for some tips. They told me: 'Pray, meditate, exercise and be sensible. Think about why we are at home, what's the bigger picture.'

In this time we have been home, my dad visits the allotment even more and he says he's seen the flowers blooming, the fruit and veg growing and the skies are blue and there is fresh air.

He eats simple food bread and rice and sometime occasionally fruit and dark chocolate. He uses this time to do more prayers to bless everyone. He stays busy though exercise, prayer and allotment and his time passes.

I asked him for some tips. He told me: get up early hours of the day, meditate, pray and then exercise. Use this time to do the things you never got around to doing. Not everyday is the same and this time will pass. He says do once exercise a day no matter what that is just get up off the sofa and eat healthy. Don't use this time to eat wrong foods as then you will get other illnesses.

My mums tips are: Get up early, go for a walk, clear your head and do your simran. Use this time to take up a hobby and keep yourself busy. Don't be lazy, try new things do some bhangra. This time is temporary just like the weather never stays the same neither will this virus stay. But we need to listen to the government and stay home and be sensible.

If anyone wants to reach out to my parents and wants to start a social networking group they would be happy to do this. They also want children to encourage parents to get off the sofa and take care of them!

I'm planning to upload short videos on simple exercise you can do at home with your family, on Minkaur5 on Twitter and Minreet Kaur on Instagram.

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