Hyde Panaser on how he got into stand-up comedy and his other favourite acts
By Barfi Culture Team
21st July 2018

Hyde Panaser

When I started in comedy at the end of 2007, I didn't see many acts that looked like me. I didn’t have a beard and turban then, but there were only acts like Russell Peters and Paul Chowdhry who were well known.

I started with writing just over an hour's worth of material and had no where to perform it. So I thought, why not set up a charity comedy night, roped in a few mates to share the stage and help with the show. A charity night meant that if it was crap, you're there to help the kids!

I had been in the Asian entertainment industry since I was 16: playing Dhol at weddings, Dj-ing at weddings, and attending weddings! I was also presenting on community radios with my own breakfast and specialist shows. A move into comedy felt like a natural step.

I grew up watching Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, The Real McCoy, Goodness Gracious Me etc, that's what I wanted to be part of. I was lucky to be part of a new generation of ethnic comics that had started to emerge. A lot of them are now on TV themselves, while I have been working up the ranks on the live circuit.

I've toured with Nathan Caton, being his tour support for the last couple of years. I have shared the stage with comics such as Imran Yusuf, Jason Rouse, Felix Dexter, Papa CJ, Shazia Mirza, Robin Ince, Paul Sinha, Paul Zerdin, Hari Kondabolu and many more talented acts.

So I thought it was high time I did my own solo show. I have been writing my show "99 Problems But My Beard Ain’t One" for a while and this August I will be performing 5 dates at the Camden Fringe in Angel.

Its my debut show about living a multicultural lifestyle, being from 2 different backgrounds and not really fitting into either, the questions I’ve been asked about my beard when the question I ask is - are there not more pressing things to worry about than the way I look?

The show has been written by myself and directed by a very good friend and act, Anil Desai.

A snippet of previous work

Other Acts I Admire

Not really in any particular order but these acts are some I've worked with that are great people too!

Aatif Nawaz - I’ve known Aatif for many a year and he’s an all round nice human! He’s hilarious too! he combines a cheeky upbeat persona with his unique outlook on being a British Muslim in todays society. He has a great knack for name his shows which feature his own name, go see his show in Edinburgh this August - Instant GrAAtification - obviously come to mine if you’re in London!

Masud Milas - After years of performing with Masud, its always a pleasure to see him on the line up. He has a very inviting performance style that sucks you into his world. Being of mixed race heritage and growing up in a foreign place, gives him a unique look at British culture. Love watching him perform and seeing his take on the world!

Mo Haroon - I only recently had a chance to see Mo perform and what I saw was hilarious. He has a great skill at satire, with well rounded jokes and a slight deadpan delivery style. He’s definitely one to go check out if you get the chance. Being fairly new, he’s doing shorter spots at the moment, but the laugh to joke ratio is very high!

Luisa Omielan - I don’t think female comedians get a fair chance in this industry. A lot of comedians take from their life experiences to write material, I know I do. Luisa constructed a show around a single thought of "I’m the same age as Beyonce, look where she is, look at where I am" - this formed the basis of her hit show "What Would Beyonce Do?". I’ve known Luisa for a long time and know that she put a lot of effort and hard work into getting to where she is now. She’s an amazing performer.

Hyde Panaser is touring from 1st August 2018, to 14th October - in London, Wolverhampton, Nottingham and Leeds.
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