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9:09am, 5th September 2018

This place is DEAD ! The news sections and facebook reposts are getting reasonable traction, has the use of mobiles and instant posting/conversation in the likes of WhatsApp killed the internet foruum/message board as we know it ?

The only forums I really see with traction is the massive sites with established audiences like Reddit.

Discuss ... or don't as its to much of a faff to post on a forum ...

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6:18pm, 9th September 2018
I'm changing it around and experimenting with stuff here too. Eventually want to turn it into a Reddit style forum where people post interesting stuff from around the world.

Don't worry, it'll happen!

8:08am, 12th September 2018
Why not a barfi subreddit ? Why be "reddit like" when you could leverage the reddit platform ?

3:15pm, 12th September 2018
Not everyone uses Reddit, for a start.

Moreover, there will be tighter integration between chat and news sections in the future.

I have a long term plan, don't worry. Always start with a plan ;)

9:09am, 17th September 2018
Heh @ Always having a plan ...dont I know it !

Im not buying "not everyone uses reddit" cos by the looks of it no one is using this place either :p

I will wait and see as your plan unfolds .......

10:10am, 8th October 2018
Barfi offered anonymity to those who sought it. Whatsapp/Wechat and the like don't.I'm guessing most of the oldies no longer care about having the e-cloak of invisibility but some might..

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