This is like the film IT

4:16pm, 30th August 2017

Us re-uniting after so many years is like the film IT. We were all innocent back in the day, now we're all serious adults with responsibilities n shit.

Question is...who'd be IT? Which username would make you shit one if you saw it after so many years????

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5:17pm, 30th August 2017
Dude! Haven't heard from you in years!

6:18pm, 30th August 2017

7:19pm, 30th August 2017

11:11am, 31st August 2017
Sunny - I've always been there in spirit in the form of Doubleyoo Khan in your friendship group. You don't even know me as a friend :(

11:11am, 31st August 2017
MUddybeard - that is an awesome example. I don't think I can disagree.

Who are you btw?
(This is where I find out Muddy Beard is iceberg *shock*

7:19pm, 9th October 2017
PS - it would have to be..

1:01am, 25th January 2018
I'm formerly known as DG

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