hey strangers...

7:19pm, 4th August 2018

hi guys I don't know how many of you will remember me but I did have back in the day abit of presence...lol...I knew people like Manchester p word lol sorry I just didn't wanna type that word out...I knew Lena bhagi...I knew pav rai.. and i especially knew naresh... in the earlier years of barfi it was amazing...you got the chance to be you without judgement etc...and I was a 16 year old then..and I got on with so many people...not more than naresh...he was always a funny guy but we connected and so I gave him my msn email so we could talk through messenger...I was suffering sooòo bad....many mental health issues..which just to step aside from this story...I got diagnosed as bipolar in 2013.... but anyways I told him how bad things were then and he had my back...offered so much support....then I left off to go to uni so I didn't to messenger or barfi anymore... I just naturally ignored that side of life...apart from a few people whose names I won't mention.. as from what I have seen they don't post here.. but by god my biggest regret was not continuing with naresh.. and when I heard of his passing away it really hurt...I found out sooòo many years later...even though he was deffo the best for help and support on messenger I didn't carry that relationship on with him...I don't know why...I can't give reasons as to why...as I did keep keep in touch with certain barfi members towards uni and post uni.... but that man was special..hes still special.. so here right now this forum everyone who reads this message...everyone..let's get back together for naresh!!! alot of us probably won't know each other.. we had our different times on barfi! but there were always main stays like naresh...and he made us all feel like we were someone..gave so much help even though he would have been ill etc...come on guys let's talk.. 😁

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