You can now change your profile pic and get notified when a post has new comments

10:10am, 6th February 2018

Features! We've got new features!

From now, registered users can change their profile pic. This is how it works:

1) You click on your name from any topic.

2) That takes you to a page where you can paste in the link to the pic you want. You CANNOT upload a pic to Barfi, you can only link to a picture already online. Perhaps on your Facebook page, or elsewhere.

Right-click the image (if you're on a phone, keep your finger on it) and select the option to 'copy image address' or something like that.

3) On that page, paste in the link to your image and your username/password again (for security purposes) and that's it!


You can also get notified, by email, when someone posts a new comment on a thread.

Just go to the topic page in question and below the top comment you'll see a button on the bottom-right about notifications.

Tap / click the button and a box for your email address will come up. Just type in your email address and press 'sign up'. That's it!

Each email notification will also have a link to unsubscribe if you change your mind anytime. And no, we don't harvest or sell or keep those email addresses.

Post below if you see any problems! I'm sure there will be some...

(a link to unsubscribe will be in each email)

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