The poet returns... A Ton of Bricks

9:21pm, 5th February 2018

In the middle of the night,
Tired out, we kept ourselves awake.
Halfway through the conversation,
A ton of bricks hit me.

I knew that what you said was true...
Knew I wanted to keep you...

But I had felt this once before,
Still did, still do, and always will, of that I wanted you to be sure.

I had never come close, in all of these years,
Never wanted to...
Except for you.
I thought you could be the only one to stop my tears.
A ton of bricks hit me.

No one could ever take her place...
But that night I looked at your face
And a ton of bricks hit me.

If it was you, you could have a place of your own.
If it was with you, in time something new could have grown.
A ton of bricks hit me.

I thought I'd find in you everything they stole when they stole her.
I thought you would be my second chance.
And if you were it, I wanted a second chance.
A ton of bricks hit me.

You took me back in time...
I could never forget... but...
Should I have turned a different corner?
Do I wish we'd never met?

I don't know... but I do know I wish I'd never caught a ton of bricks.

Cause now it seems the dream I shouldn't have dreamed will never come true.
It's a dream I shouldn't have dreamed because I should never have had to.

If you meant what you said to make a ton of bricks hit me,
Then I'm sorry that what you wanted seems it wasn't meant to be,
I hope you know that I meant what I said...
The night a ton of bricks fell on my head.

For now I know that this ton of bricks will never hit me again.

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