Why this forum is dedicated to Neo / Naresh Sevani

4:16pm, 29th August 2017

Neo, aka 'NeoPeo', aka Naresh Sevani was one of the original Barfi users and admins.

But more than just a barfi user he was our friend. He was an integral part of this huge online community.

Years and years ago, when this site had just launched, and looked very different, he entertained us with his one-liners and sarcastic remarks. He was one of the admins and a much-loved part of this online community.

He was recently diagnosed with uncurable bowel cancer. The disease spread to his lungs and other abdominal areas and it was incurable.

I'm extremely sad to say Naresh recently passed away. He was just 37 years old.

I wanted to create a lasting memory in his name. In its previous form, barfiCulture would have been much less fun without him. So this new forum is dedicated to him for as long as it exists.

We will miss you Neo / Naresh.

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4:16pm, 29th August 2017
It definitely wouldn't have been as much fun as it was with him.
Wish he could post on it again with us.

4:16pm, 29th August 2017
Neo - sending you lot's of positive vibes and prayers for you and your family. I hope you're not in pain and that you hurry up and get back on here and help us all to chat away into the silly hours and simply just geek out. Who could forget all those threads of fun! /Spacey x

4:16pm, 29th August 2017
An absolute legend of a guy!

5:17pm, 29th August 2017
Neo is legendary- wishing you good health.. keep well mate!

6:18pm, 29th August 2017
Went to visit him on Sunday, sending him and his family lots of love.

Raj x

7:19pm, 29th August 2017
I went to see him a couple of weeks ago...just before he went to the hospice. Neo and his family are in my prayers and thoughts x

7:19pm, 29th August 2017
I went to see him a couple of weeks ago...just before he went to the hospice. Neo and his family are in my prayers and thoughts x

9:21pm, 29th August 2017
Naresh has passed away :(
I've updated the post to reflect that.

10:22pm, 29th August 2017
Absolutely gutted to hear this news. A legend passes away.

10:22pm, 29th August 2017
Rest in Peace Neo x

10:22pm, 29th August 2017

10:22pm, 29th August 2017
RIP Neo! A true calm, caring, humorous and loving gent. May your family be given strength and courage to get through this difficult time. Ameen

10:22pm, 29th August 2017
Rip neo it's been a long time but you made my teens worth it mate! Xx

6:06am, 30th August 2017
I wasn't going to recreate this login but for the memory of neo I'll make the exception.

Internet truly broke yesterday for me with the passing of a great, caring and funny online persona we all started to recognise as a stand up guy in "real life".

Here's to neo, without you're great humour and updates on your dads life hacks this forum won't be the same.
Happy birthday fella.

7:07am, 30th August 2017
It's great to see some old names gathered here again. Shame it's under these circumstances.

Only ever bumped into Neo briefly once while I was DJing at Zoo Bar I think. Earlier this year we were talking about grabbing a beer at some point but life got in the way.

We never did get to meet properly but we were twitter friends and for that I'm grateful.

Top guy who will be missed. R.I.P Neo 😎

9:09am, 30th August 2017
Very saddened to hear the news about him passing - a lovely soul and a true comic and gent - as my other half said last night, when we pass, we're just 'changing clothes' - All the best NeoPeo on your new journey - an Angel has gone home for a break but he'll be back! XX

10:10am, 30th August 2017
Loss of a genuinely great bloke. The world is a poorer place without him. RIP Naresh, Neo, Fragesh, NeoPeoGreo

12:12pm, 30th August 2017
Neo is and will always be a legend

12:12pm, 30th August 2017
Neo..... you're a legend... a true and original Barfian. Well loved and respected. Barfi won't be the same without your wit and IT related threads.
Love and eternal peace to you xxx

1:13pm, 30th August 2017
RIP Neo! It feels like a life time ago and im so saddened to read this today. Prayers for the family.

3:15pm, 30th August 2017
He was an extremely kind and gentle guy when he came and met Anushri and myself a few times. RIP Naresh - you are dearly missed x

4:16pm, 30th August 2017
So sad to come to hear this. A legend in every sense of the word. Wishing his family a lot of strength in this very difficult time.

5:17pm, 30th August 2017
Rip neo. Never met him in person, but chatted on barfi and twitter. Was a funny guy and will be missed. Prayers for friends and family 🙏🏽

7:19pm, 30th August 2017
He was a great guy, made everyone laugh.
Lovely gesture Sunny- just wish we could still read Neo's hilarious posts.

7:19pm, 30th August 2017
Its always the gems that leave us early..

8:20pm, 30th August 2017
That's so sad. Neo always came across as such a gent and an overall nice guy. Fuck you cancer!! RIP Neo.

8:20pm, 30th August 2017
Wow this place brings back some great memories, which makes it all the more sadder to post my condolences for someone who played a part in a very much cherished nostalgia. The years have passed & we're all in different places, but it's such a testament to what a great guy Neo was that we're all here, back where we all met, to share the sadness of his untimely loss... but also remember the positive memories, laughs & good times that one person bought to so many of us. I cannot begin to imagine the magnitude of his absence to those closest to him, such as his family, but my thoughts and prayers are with them all. #restinpeaceneo


10:22pm, 30th August 2017
I wish i had the conversation saved from the random time he messaged me at work though the work outlook messenger.

I dont know how, but he recognised me at our office. It was quite puzzling at first, "who is this guy?!", "how does he know im a liverpool fan?". The guy was literally playing with me. Then he revealed who he was. Small world eh? he remembered meeting me once in the park. 5 years later he still remembered.

He was so funny. he had a funny typing style;


then he'd just go offline mid-conversation and come back on. we never actually met when we were based in the same office. he travelled a lot, he was a contractor. so our conversation were quite random and sporadic. he loved android phones, was always looking for upgrades. i kept asking him, give me your old one when youre done mate ;)

im going to play along with you neo. the last message you sent me was about reincarnation. i didnt reply because i didnt want to say "i dont believe in that". but i hope you do come back man. probably as a 6ft woman, with big 'talents', and and in love with iphones :D

im gutted youre gone, but, you'll be back. hopefully with better tattoos.


4:04am, 31st August 2017
Legend, RIP.

9:21pm, 31st August 2017
So very saddened to hear of this wonderful and amazing person's passing. He was such a great guy with a unique sense of humour and the best personality to match.
RIP my neopeo friend x

9:21pm, 31st August 2017
Going to miss you & our little chats on the bus to & from Woolwich.
Lol at the amount of times we didn't realise we were sitting adjacent to each other. However rather than talking to each other like normal human beings... We'd text each other instead.

9:09am, 1st September 2017
So sad to hear this. Rest in peace Neo

10:10am, 4th September 2017
RIP Neo!
It was a pleasure knowing you! You will truly be missed :(

11:23pm, 4th September 2017
Sad to hear about this

8:08am, 5th September 2017
The Family are saying goodbye to Naresh today.

Went to see his family yesterday, such lovely people especially his parents.

The whole family are in our thoughts today. Couple of barfians are representing at the funeral today.

RIP Neo, hope the pizza is the best you've ever tasted up there.

9:09am, 5th September 2017
Sending prayers and best wishes to the family!

I'll be eating a cupcake in honour of Neo today!

8:20pm, 5th September 2017
Went to the funeral today. You'll be pleased to know that they had compiled a booklet about him and at the back was a selection of quotes from this forum. Thanks guys.

9:09am, 6th September 2017
That's nice to hear. This was his family too...

2:14pm, 6th September 2017
Yeah it was man. He kept in touch with so many people from here. I never realised.

3:15pm, 6th September 2017
was going through my time hop app and came across a FB post he had commented on..his one liners were brilliant.

RIP Neno. XX

9:21pm, 18th September 2017
I joined the Barfi party late, and Neo was always the nearest thing that I recognised as a voice of reason in those heady days. Such a shame to hear of his passing.
Here's to you, Neo. RIP.

11:11am, 12th October 2017
Awesome guy. Greatly missed. RIP Neo

12:00am, 7th January 2018
Neo you were a legend will miss you

10:10am, 9th January 2018
Never met Neo in person but he was always on Barfi and MSN (remember that?). He came across as a level-headed funny chap. My condolences to the family and to all who knew him well. Love and light all. RIP Neo.

2:14pm, 14th January 2018
Rest In Peace gentle soul..x

11:23pm, 20th April 2018
sad news, R.I.P Naresh

2:14pm, 22nd June 2018
Such sad news.. was an absolute gem of a guy.


11:23pm, 12th November 2018

9:09am, 9th April 2019
RIP Neo. X

7:19pm, 13th April 2019
So sad to hear this news. Remember the original barfi days with our weird conversations!!

9:21pm, 21st May 2019
This is so sad. I used to post on the old Barfi & snoop before that. Neo was such a helpful nice guy. I’m shocked to hear about this. RIP bro. He was selfless & kind hearted.

3:03am, 21st December 2019
I’ll miss our chats on FB. RIP buddy. You were a diamond.

3:03am, 21st December 2019
I’ll miss our chats on FB. RIP buddy. You were a diamond.

11:23pm, 28th January 2020
Very sad to hear Neo passed away. He was a big part of barficulture and a lovely guy. RIP

I really am thankful to this website. It introduced me to some really amazing people. PaV who is still one of my bestest friends now.

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