Newsletter #1: 50,000 readers on BarfiCulture in one month

9:09am, 13th October 2017

You know how, when you have a baby, initially it feels like a big blessing, and only later you realise how much time, effort and constant attention it needs. And you think to yourself: wow, what have I gotten myself into?

Well... I don't have any kids but I'm told that's what it feels like. That's certainly how I feel now.

Just over a month ago, I put this site out there after our friend Naresh Sevani had lost his battle with cancer. He was part of this community when it launched in 2001 and I wanted to publish something in his memory, and give others the chance to do so too. Our fond memories of him will always remain a part of us.

But Barfi Culture was unfinished then and it still is. There is no front-page for a start. The design is still evolving. The content management system is still being built.

I want to do something with Barfi Culture that no one has done before. I can't tell you what that means because it's difficult to put into words. I'm just going to show you.

That said, over the last month (September) this website has had nearly 50,000 unique readers. No, I didn't mistype that. Those are the numbers from Google Analytics (46,203 unique users, to be precise). That is an astonishing amount of people in just the first month and I'm humbled by it.

Most readers of our readers didn't come here to chat but to read News.

It is still early days. We plan to uncover important news, investigations, campaigns and features that cover the world. I want to cover South Asians in a way that hasn't been done yet. As T.I. famously said, "there's gonna be some big shit poppin'".

It will take time and it will take lots of work. But we're off to a good start.

Stay in touch.


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3:15pm, 13th October 2017
Sunny - I'm still keen to write and help you out with reviews etc.

3:15pm, 13th October 2017
Would be delighted to be part of barfi part 2!

7:19pm, 14th October 2017
Hi Genie22, absolutely - I'll announce it when we start taking outside submissions. Still building the content management system right now.

6:18pm, 15th October 2017
I must write reviews! There is too much shit out there and I must set the world to rights! Let me know Sunny.

12:12pm, 25th October 2017
Folks, if you're interested in writing, get in touch!

Seriously! Please do it!

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