Whatever happened to...

11:23pm, 12th October 2017

Ask away

People who seem to have gone AWOL altogether..

Manchester Paki - whatever happened to him??

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8:08am, 13th October 2017
I think he's using a new name.... though I can't be sure. Maybe Faddy knows.

Anyway *waves*

9:09am, 13th October 2017
I saw him walking out from some Manchester Superstore on Cheetham Hill Road a few months back... hes moved into the 21st century and was busy Vaping

10:10am, 13th October 2017
He's 21st century because he's vaping?!

10:22pm, 13th October 2017
Hahaha he's not smoking his weed anymore?!

11:11am, 16th October 2017
Probably... Once a charsi, always a charsi!

9:21pm, 16th October 2017
Bloody ell. Ain't heard from in years

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