Girls...would you change your surname on marriage...

1:13pm, 28th September 2017

A) if you married a desi
B) if you married a non-desi

I would for a desi but not for a non-desi. Am attached to my roots!

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1:13pm, 28th September 2017
Nb I would keep my own name for work; all my certificates etc are in my name.

10:22pm, 2nd October 2017
My wife never changed her’s

12:12pm, 3rd October 2017
Nope I didn't change my surname after getting married.

5:17pm, 9th October 2017
Kept mine after getting married. I like it, why change it. No issue with those that do, each to their own!

9:21pm, 10th October 2017
I changed mine

3:15pm, 13th October 2017
I went to teach on a course. I was the only desi female teacher with a desi name; the rest had taken their English husband's names..Dr Smith, Dr Scullion. It felt like an erasure of brown identity tbh.

10:22pm, 24th October 2017
Married to non desi and kept my name. Would’ve kept it if married to desi too, as it’s traditional in our family for girls not to take hubbys name.

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