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Intro to Chat: Read this first
Sunny   •   14th Jan   •   0 replies

This is the Chat section of Barfi Culture. Anyone start a discussion, post a link to something interesting, or respond to others. Rules are at the end of this post. What's this...
faddy   •   29th Aug   •   14 replies

Make me admin sunny!!
A note on our obituary on Harbinder Singh Rana
Sunny Hundal   •   13th Jan   •   2 replies

At the end of 2018, it came to my attention that Harbinder Singh Rana, one of the driving forces behind the respected project 'Anglo Singh Heritage Trail', had passed away. I didn't...
What's changed?
mannygill84   •   31st Aug   •   56 replies

What's been happening to you in the last 10 years?
i havnt been on here for a while
mogli   •   10th Dec   •   0 replies

how is everyone?
What do you think about Hasan Minaj's Netflix series?
Sunny H   •   12th Nov   •   2 replies

Why this forum is dedicated to Neo / Naresh Sevani
sunny   •   29th Aug   •   49 replies

Neo, aka 'NeoPeo', aka Naresh Sevani was one of the original Barfi users and admins. But more than just a barfi user he was our friend. He was an integral part of this huge online...
We don't deserve to win any big prizes... yet
Sunny Hundal   •   25th Oct   •   5 replies

Later tonight, at the annual Asian Media Awards, the winner of the ‘Best Publication/Website’ will be announced. Barfi Culture is nominated but it doesn’t deserve to win. This...
Why didn't any of you post any more threads?
Saj   •   21st Oct   •   0 replies

No wonder the forum died on it's arse.
Magneto   •   18th Apr   •   2 replies this what has replaced the good ol desi forums of the past? Or is this going to evolve into like, some sort of super forum with other stuff? Still kind of nice to have something...
RSS is the best organization
Shajif Ravi   •   21st Sep   •   2 replies

Proud to be Hindu
Mobiles killed the internet forum | Barficulture WhatsApp
Harps   •   5th Sep   •   5 replies

This place is DEAD ! The news sections and facebook reposts are getting reasonable traction, has the use of mobiles and instant posting/conversation in the likes of WhatsApp killed...
Who is up for a real life Barfi reunion?
Sunny   •   30th Aug   •   24 replies

Some people have floated me that idea... But can you handle it?
Black panther
hugh_jenjin   •   19th Feb   •   2 replies

Anyone been to see it yet ? Thoughts?
Some questions for Sunny
pendalfthebrown   •   9th Jun   •   6 replies

There's zero action on this forum so seemingly little point in posting here. Worth a shot though. Sunny, you have some interesting prescriptions for emergent political issues hitting...
Convo convo - what is everyone's summer plan?
Genie22   •   23rd Jul   •   2 replies

Spill da beans x
hey strangers...
ambidextrous1208   •   4th Aug   •   0 replies

hi guys I don't know how many of you will remember me but I did have back in the day abit of knew people like Manchester p word lol sorry I just didn't wanna type...
Hello again...
MsFatBooty   •   9th Apr   •   1 replies

Just putting a hello out there... maybe this won't get seen for a looooongggg time who knows...What you sayin?
Ackley Bridge Channel 4
Genie22   •   23rd Jul   •   0 replies

So nice to see desis playing such an integral role in a Northern Grange Hill. Contemporary topics are dealt with in a sensitive manner, racism, being gay and Muslim, step siblings and...
Hello, welcome to the new barfi!
sunny   •   29th Aug   •   35 replies

Do you like what you see? Have you missed this place? Or is it more that you had kids and the last ten years have been a blur? NOTE: Even if you were a barfi member earlier, you...
Thank you come again
pendalfthebrown   •   2nd May   •   0 replies

This Apu being offensive shit is ridiculous. Has anyone seriously found the character offensive?
When Is A Lie Not A Lie?
Normalondanet   •   18th Apr   •   0 replies

When is a lie not a lie? When its truth is a pleasant surprise When is a lie not a lie? When its truth wipes tears from your eyes When is a lie not a lie? When a lie has made...
I happend to make some time to search for Barfi - I just read about Neo
speed_demon   •   3rd Apr   •   0 replies

Like seriously , so much has happened - I am so upset to hear the loss of our good friend neo - RIP - he was a laugh :'(
Western Identity
pendalfthebrown   •   15th Feb   •   0 replies

I wonder some times if being a first/second generation immigrant hasn't just left me with an enduring - though not so potent now - identity crisis but the UK as well. Looking at the...
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