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Intro to Chat: Read this first
Sunny   •   14th Jan   •   1 replies

This is the Chat section of Barfi Culture. Anyone start a discussion, post a link to something interesting, or respond to others. Rules are at the end of this post. What's this...
Why this forum is dedicated to Neo / Naresh Sevani
sunny   •   29th Aug   •   112 replies

Neo, aka 'NeoPeo', aka Naresh Sevani was one of the original Barfi users and admins. But more than just a barfi user he was our friend. He was an integral part of this huge online...
Автономная канализация Узловая
FrankBooneOJ   •   9th Nov   •   0 replies

Эта международная компания ГК ВДЛУ Орел организует современным методом видеодиагностикутехнических...
топовый валютный обменник
KsunyaStundPH   •   7th Nov   •   0 replies

Представляем вашему вниманию новейший сервис обмена валют который возвращает вам комиссию и кэшбэк!...
городские очистные сооружения
RichardprombRJ   •   6th Nov   •   0 replies

В Сервисе обслуживает скважины, производит Канализацию в частном доме. В компании имеется к продаже...
HelenanelNQ   •   1st Nov   •   0 replies

как продвигать сайт в google Самара
diorne   •   1st Nov   •   0 replies

Предположим, вы обладатель нового вебсайта, который имеет приятный дизайн, удобную навигацию и полезную...
Новый обмен
KsunyaStundPH   •   1st Nov   •   0 replies

i havnt been on here for a while
mogli   •   10th Dec   •   1 replies

how is everyone?
скачать фифа
StacyRicWW   •   28th Oct   •   0 replies

Что-то у меня личные сообщения не отправляются, ошибка какая то --- Извините, что я вмешиваюсь, хотел...
AndreasipgYO   •   27th Oct   •   0 replies

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NormanBaigePE   •   25th Oct   •   0 replies

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PavloskpqMB   •   19th Oct   •   0 replies

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Mobiles killed the internet forum | Barficulture WhatsApp
Harps   •   5th Sep   •   8 replies

This place is DEAD ! The news sections and facebook reposts are getting reasonable traction, has the use of mobiles and instant posting/conversation in the likes of WhatsApp killed...
рабочие зеркала hydra
IncerryIcen   •   29th Sep   •   1 replies

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Официальный склад автостекол
eryncEZ   •   3rd Oct   •   0 replies

Когда автомобильное стекло трескается и потребуется замена, то вам в сТО несколько разновидности лобовых...

  •   20th Sep   •   0 replies

Anyone up for a....
Merling   •   22nd Feb   •   2 replies

Barfi Whatsapp Group?! It could get messy but it would certainly move quicker than this board...
Omg this still going
Nadia   •   13th Apr   •   1 replies

faddy   •   29th Aug   •   15 replies

Make me admin sunny!!
What's changed?
mannygill84   •   31st Aug   •   57 replies

What's been happening to you in the last 10 years?
Dips   •   6th Apr   •   0 replies

RSS is the best organization
Shajif Ravi   •   21st Sep   •   3 replies

Proud to be Hindu
Shamima Begum is a disgrace to Muslims
Saj   •   19th Feb   •   0 replies

The more she is mentioned in the media, the more people hate Muslims. We don't want anything to do with ISIS....they can fuck right off. Its always the bad stories that make the headlines...
A note on our obituary on Harbinder Singh Rana
Sunny Hundal   •   13th Jan   •   2 replies

At the end of 2018, it came to my attention that Harbinder Singh Rana, one of the driving forces behind the respected project 'Anglo Singh Heritage Trail', had passed away. I didn't...
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