Barfi Culture Editorial Policy
By Barfi Culture Team
26th April 2017

What values do we live by and what should you expect from Barfi Culture? This page aims to explain all that.

1) Factual accuracy
We are dedicated to the truth and to facts. Everything cited as fact on this site is checked and usually referenced. If we get something wrong, contact us and we will correct it asap (at least within 24 hours). This is of utmost importance to us.

But, note that factual honesty does not mean agreement. We may carry opinion articles you strongly disagree with, we may cover the news in a way you may dislike, authors may make arguments you think are wrong. That does not mean they are factually wrong, it just means they have a different interpretation to you. We can only correct facts, we won't correct opinions just because a reader disagrees with them.

2) Our values inform our journalism
We don't just care about the truth, we want to make the world a better place. We stand against all forms of discrimination, bigotry and inequality. We fight for social justice and cohesion. These values will be reflected in what stories we run and how we cover them. They will also be reflected in our opinion articles.

These values inform our journalism but they should not distort it. In other words we won't change a story to reflect our values if that misrepresents the truth. Sometimes the ugly truth deserves to be revealed regardless of the implications.

3) We do not take a position on behalf of all contributors
This site as a whole does not take positions on particular issues. Individual writers and creators, including editors, have their own opinions and what they write only reflect their own opinions, not of everyone else.

Just because one writer or creator has an opinion does not mean others share that opinion. People have different views and many of our contributors will disagree with each other. We will publish opposing views where necessary.

If you feel we have failed to live up to those values then let us know and we will take it seriously.

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