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By Barfi Culture Team
21st September 2017

Barfi Culture is a news-magazine on South Asians (people of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan origins) living in Europe and North America.

This is why we are different from other sites:

We are independent. A free and independent media is vital for raising our voices against powerful interests. You may not always agree with us but unless we had the freedom to challenge powerful people, neither would you.

We believe in an informed public. Barfi Culture won't just do features and opinion pieces, we also do news articles, investigations and campaigns. We believe in telling people's stories and challenging power structures.

South Asians are an incredibly diverse group of people: in language, history, culture and religion. But there is much that unites us too. We want to cover the best about our communities, what unites us and provide a platform for debate, learning and new talent.

Our team
There are lots of people behind Barfi Culture. The Editor-in-chief is Sunny Hundal.

Sunny created the original Barfi Culture in 2001 (before closing it in 2006), which became the most popular Asian website in Britain. He went on to create Asians in Media magazine (2004 - 2009), the industry journal for those in media. He launched Liberal Conspiracy (2007 - 2013), which was the most popular left-wing political blog in Britain at its height.

As more writers get comfortable with writing and having their names published, they will be listed here.

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Barfi Culture is a (recently launched!) news magazine, covering South Asians living in Europe and North America.

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Barfi Culture is a news-magazine on South Asians in Europe and North America.
(This is what makes us different)

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