About Barfi Culture

Barfi Culture is a news-magazine on South Asians (people of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan origins) living in Europe and North America.

A brief history
Barfi Culture was first launched in 2001 as a series of message-boards, and it soon became the most popular British Asian website at the time, with thousands logging in every day. We chatted, wasted time and discussed every topic you could think of. Hundreds of people met through the site, made friends, went on dates and some even got married!

It was shut down in 2007 when its founder - Sunny Hundal - could no longer find the time to maintain it. It was re-launched in 2018 as a news-magazine.

What's the point?
South Asians are a very diverse people and increasingly politically influential in North America and western Europe.

These communities deserve better news and cultural coverage: for a generation born and brought up in the west.

We want to:
- encourage intelligent debate
- reports on events that deserve wider coverage.
- offer alternative points of views
- fight against human rights abuses
- shine a light on bigotry and crime
- fight for our communities
- celebrate our people
- entertain everyone

How does that help anyone?
A free and independent media is vital for raising our voices against powerful interests. You may not always agree with us but unless we had the freedom to challenge powerful people, neither would you.

South Asians are an incredibly diverse group of people: in language, history, culture and religion. But there is much that unites us too. We want to cover the best about our communities, what unites us and provide a platform for debate, learning and new talent.

Our team
There are lots of people behind Barfi Culture.

The Editor-in-chief is Sunny Hundal. Sunny created the original Barfi Culture in 2001. He later founded Asians in Media magazine (2004 to 2009) - the industry journal for those in media. He later launched Liberal Conspiracy (2007 to 2013) - the most popular left-wing political blog in Britain at its height. He has also written for most of the British media and many international media outlets.

Here is a longer list of people who write more regularly for Barfi Culture.