Privacy Policy

Before using our website – - it is your responsibility to read the privacy policy.

Why you need to read this
We want you to feel comfortable using this site, and confident your privacy is taken seriously.

This policy outlines what information we collect and how it's used. If we were doing anything shady it would be listed here.

What we collect
Unlike other sites we don't collect personal information about you from social media sites like Facebook.

We only hold information you submit directly if you sign up to our services: your email address or WhatsApp number. You can unsubscribe from those services at any time.

When you use the website, Google Analytics uses cookies to transfer information from one page to another and collect information on how the site is being used. None of that is personally identifiable.

The Chat section uses cookies to store your username on your computer to remember you. That's it.

If this changes we will let you know through updates on this page.

We don't sell or share your contact information
If you give us your email address or WhatsApp number, we will not sell or share that information with anyone, ever. It is held in a secure database.

In line with the UK Data Protection Act (2018) we will only contact you via the services you have subscribed to. All will have a prominent link to unsubscribe immediately. If you have more queries please contact us.

Last updated: 30th December 2020.