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Diversity matters in Christmas books too, because most Christians aren't white
24th December 2020

#MeTooSikh: Why Sikhs need to confront sexual abuse within our community too
24th October 2020

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30th April 2020

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1st October 2019

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26th June 2019

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11th May 2019

Birmingham parents cannnot use the Equality Act to stop their children learning about LGBT people
4th May 2019

Ray Nadeem in Netflix's Daredevil: when desi portrayal is done right
21st November 2018

Remembering the struggle and bravery of our forefathers of WW1 is not 'glorification'
18th November 2018

The Battle for Little Pakistan, in New York City
28th October 2018

I was raped at 19. Writing has helped me deal with what happened
10th September 2018

How can we make sense of the current crisis in Sikh and Panjab politics?
2nd September 2018

How my homophobic dad, who co-founded Birmingham Central Mosque, became an LGBT ally
25th August 2018

The Conservatives need to stop blaming "diversity" as a problem for Canada
17th August 2018

I ran away from home after my parents forced me into marriage when I was 19
15th August 2018

Boris Johnson is trying to police Muslim women's bodies - just like everyone else
6th August 2018

Bobby Friction: Why calling another desi a 'coconut' is racist and prejudiced
31st July 2018

Why do some Indian-Americans support Trump? Here is what they told me
20th July 2018

Stop blaming Brampton's violence on international students - we have to take responsibility too
26th June 2018

I'm calling for a UK Partition Commemoration Day and its history to be taught in schools
24th June 2018

Given our history, there's no reason to discourage Sikhs from joining western armies
21st June 2018

Why we need to rediscover the innocence and art of Asian weddings from the 80s
12th May 2018

How Uber killed New York's taxis, and dreams of immigrants like my father
3rd June 2018

I have officially travelled the world. Here's ten things I learnt
22nd April 2018