AUTHORS Sunny Hundal
Sunny Hundal has been a journalist and commentator since 2004. He is editor-in-chief of Barfi Culture

Articles by Sunny Hundal
Twitter: @sunny_hundal

Samia Khan
Samia Khan is a student journalist.

Articles by Samia Khan
Twitter: @samiakhan183

Rohin Francis
Dr Rohin Francis is a Cambridge-trained cardiologist doing a PhD at UCL.

Articles by Rohin Francis
Twitter: @MedCrisis

Savraj Kaur
Savraj Kaur is a freelancer

Articles by Savraj Kaur
Twitter: @SavrajKS

Saher Sohail
Saher Sohail posts illustrations to ThePakistaniMarthaStewart on Instagram and sells prints through

Articles by Saher Sohail
Twitter: @pakistanimartha

Mita Mistry
Mita is a newspaper columnist, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist, Acupuncturist and expert in other healing techniques.

Articles by Mita Mistry
Twitter: @MitaMistry

Wasiq is an educationist specialising in political and policy issues in education.

Articles by Wasiq
Twitter: @WasiqUK

Gurnam Singh
Dr Gurnam Singh is Associate Professor of Social Work, Coventry University, UK and a presenter on the Akaal Channel.

Articles by Gurnam Singh
Twitter: @gurnamskhela

Rabbil Sikdar
Left-wing Muslim writer. Researcher on social cohesion and integration.

Articles by Rabbil Sikdar
Twitter: @RA_Sikdar

Sunder Katwala
Director of @britishfuture on identity and integration, immigration and opportunity.

Articles by Sunder Katwala
Twitter: @sundersays

Sadia Humayun
Sadia Humayun is a freelance journalist and writer

Articles by Sadia Humayun
Twitter: @sadiakhan10

Minreet Kaur
Minreet Kaur is a freelance journalist and broadcaster

Articles by Minreet Kaur
Twitter: @minkaur5

Anish Parekh
Anish Parekh is a freelance journalist and writer.

Articles by Anish Parekh
Twitter: @Mr_Pop87

Junaid S
British Pakistani. Founder @because_desi.

Articles by Junaid S
Twitter: @ibrownlad