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Islam does not need protecting against hate, only Muslims do

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Police to investigate after pro-LGBT women attacked in Birmingham over school protests
Crime   •   21st May 2019
WATCH: Writer Anita Sethi gets racially abused on a train, shows evidence to police
Crime   •   19th May 2019
WATCH: Gurinder Chadha's next film about an Asian lad who discovers Bruce Springsteen in the 80s
Entertainment   •   19th May 2019
Babita Sharma: I come from a hidden world - I am the daughter of shopkeepers
Culture   •   11th May 2019
A month after getting married, British woman Usheila Patel abruptly dies while on honeymoon
People   •   10th May 2019
East London on alert after gunman opens fire in mosque and is then chased off
Crime   •   10th May 2019
A Birmingham mosque is going plastic free for Ramadan by banning water bottles
World   •   7th May 2019
I went public with my views on divorce and Sikh men because I want to help other women
Culture   •   5th May 2019
Birmingham parents cannnot use the Equality Act to stop their children learning about LGBT people
Culture   •   4th May 2019
Preet Gill MP to raise 'concerns' with West Midlands Police over harassment of police by Sikh Youth UK
Politics   •   2nd May 2019
Only a quarter of Britons know a Sikh place of worship is a Gurdwara
World   •   30th Apr 2019
Sikh Council chaos: mass resignations from UK's top Sikh body over accusations of take-over
Politics   •   27th Apr 2019
WATCH: Comedian Hasan Minaj calls out Jared Kushner for friendship with Saudi prince
Comedy   •   25th Apr 2019
Sikh-Muslim interfaith event cancelled after 'campaign of harassment' from Sikh activists
People   •   25th Apr 2019
English nationalists were tricked into 'defending diversity' on St. George's Day by charity
World   •   24th Apr 2019
British Jewish groups are helping train Hindu priests after robberies at London mandirs
Crime   •   18th Apr 2019
After intense backlash, Canada drops 'Sikh extremism' reference in terrorism report
Politics   •   15th Apr 2019
Why was this man sentenced to only four years for plotting to blow up a mosque?
Crime   •   11th Apr 2019
Canadian Sikh anger over government report on 'Sikh extremism' comes out at townhall meeting
Politics   •   10th Apr 2019
Couple in Germany charged with spying on Sikh and Kashmiri activists for Indian intelligence
Crime   •   9th Apr 2019
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