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Far-right tricked into defending diversity

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British Jewish groups are helping train Hindu priests after robberies at London mandirs
Crime   •   18th Apr 2019
After intense backlash, Canada drops 'Sikh extremism' reference in terrorism report
Politics   •   15th Apr 2019
Why was this man sentenced to only four years for plotting to blow up a mosque?
Crime   •   11th Apr 2019
Canadian Sikh anger over government report on 'Sikh extremism' comes out at townhall meeting
Politics   •   10th Apr 2019
Couple in Germany charged with spying on Sikh and Kashmiri activists for Indian intelligence
Crime   •   9th Apr 2019
Why a controversy around Brown Girl Magazine writers going to Dubai matters for all of us
Media   •   4th Apr 2019
'I had no support from my community to deal with alcohol addiction'
Culture   •   2nd Apr 2019
Cambridge opens Europe's first fully sustainable Eco-Mosque - with an 'oasis' inside
World   •   1st Apr 2019
'Institutional discrimination': Anger as Quebec extends ban on hijabs and turbans for teachers and police
Politics   •   28th Mar 2019
Facebook to finally ban white nationalism and far-right hate after New Zealand attacks
Media   •   28th Mar 2019
Police have arrested and detained a man over the Birmingham mosque attacks
Crime   •   26th Mar 2019
Southall MP Virendra Sharma hits out after losing vote-of-confidence in local Labour party
Politics   •   22nd Mar 2019
Five mosques and a Muslim girls schools were attacked overnight in Birmingham
Crime   •   21st Mar 2019
UK head of counter-terrorism says the media is radicalising terrorists, in astonishing letter
Media   •   20th Mar 2019
Channel 4 to mark centenary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre with special film
Media   •   19th Mar 2019
Former BBC Newsnight producer says coverage of Christchurch massacre was 'shocking and insensitive'
Media   •   19th Mar 2019
History made: Lilly Singh to become first brown woman to host an American talk show
People   •   15th Mar 2019
An Indian-Canadian family lost three generations on the Ethiopian plane crash
World   •   13th Mar 2019
Joy and relief as first batch of Hindu and Sikh Afghan refugees arrive in Canada
World   •   13th Mar 2019
After scuffles break outside the Indian High Commission in London, Indian media loses its mind
World   •   11th Mar 2019
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