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Watch: The trailer for Dev Patel's next movie 'Hotel Mumbai' is out
  Entertainment   •   11th December 2018
Our friend Meera died by suicide after being stalked by her ex. The law needs to change
  Crime   •   10th December 2018
Jus Reign explains why The Simpsons needs to bring back Apu!
  Culture   •   10th December 2018
Racism drove this Tamil-American to use skin lightening creams. Then she changed her thinking
  Culture   •   10th December 2018
'Your right to choose' - the UK has a new campaign against forced marriages
  People   •   1st December 2018
Interview: M.I.A. and Steve Loveridge discuss the provocative film based on her life
  Entertainment   •   23rd November 2018
Nabhaan Rizwan talks about his acting debut on BBC 1 drama Informer
  Entertainment   •   22nd November 2018
The video that explains why the Kamasutra is not just about sex
  Culture   •   21st November 2018
Lilly Singh is taking a break from YouTube to take care of her mental health
  Entertainment   •   16th November 2018
Sikh Youth leader forces police to remove stall from Gurdwara after confrontation
  Politics   •   12th November 2018
This Muslim YouTuber was invited to a Gurdwara to open his Ramadan fast and he loved it
  World   •   11th November 2018
Comedian Jus Reign defends T-Series: "Let us win for once goddamnit!"
  Comedy   •   8th November 2018
Why does Canada have a Muslim adoption ban from Pakistan?
  World   •   5th November 2018
British imams to highlight Muslim contribution to WW1 in special services
  World   •   1st November 2018
Hasan Minhaj on writing standup comedy and why desis love superheroes
  Comedy   •   27th October 2018
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