Prominent British Hindu group and Tory MP hosted an anti-Muslim 'hate preacher' in Parliament
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 25th October 2017

A prominent Hindu organisation and a Tory MP hosted an anti-Muslim preacher at the House of Commons last week, Barfi Culture has found.

The event on 18th October was organised by the National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT) UK, alongside the Tory MP Bob Blackman. Their keynote speaker was Tapan Ghosh, founder of 'Hindu Samhati' in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Alongside them: activist Mohan Singh of the Sikh Awareness Society. The event was hosted by the NCHT general secretary Satish K. Sharma (pictured top, far left).

Mr Ghosh told his audience at the House of Commons that Narendra Modi, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had been "raising hopes amongst people against Islamic aggression".

While in London for the event Mr Ghosh also gave a friendly interview to the former EDL founder Tommy Robinson, whom he called "an energetic fighter" on his Facebook page.

Also present at that meeting was Jack Buckby (pictured below) - previously a member of the BNP's youth wing and an admirer of Nick Griffin. After leaving the BNP he founded the ultra-nationalist party Liberty GB.

There is no indication that Bob Blackman MP knew of Mr Ghosh's meeting with these far-right figures.

Main picture from Tapan Ghosh's Facebook page. Inset by BarfiCulture.

Tapan Ghosh's views
According to the Hindustan Times, Ghosh was a senior RSS pracharak (their job is to spread its ideology) until he left in 2007 to form Hindu Samhati, accusing the RSS of "lacking aggression".

In West Bengal, where he operates, his group is accused of being more militant than the RSS.

Mr Ghosh is clear and unapologetic about his anti-Muslim views.

  • On Twitter: "We deplore UN's Right's body. Why it doesn't try to control birth rate of Muslims world over?

  • On Twitter: "Shame on Rohingya men. Shame on Islam. Seeing this reproduction rate, how can we blame the Myanmar Buddhists for driving them out?"

  • On Twitter: "All Muslims are jihadis. Some are Love Jihadis.

  • On Twitter: Why they should come to Xtian countries? Why not to rich Muslim countries? If they want to come to non Muslim country, they must leave Islam"

  • On Twitter: "One million white English children may have been the victims of Muslim rape gangs, better known as grooming gangs."

  • In interview: "The main doctrine of Islam speaks of momin and kafir, Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb. Muslims are instructed by their religion to convert the entire world into momin and Dar-ul-Islam. It is a shame that the powerful nations of the world have might, but lack the will to control this chaos. Muslim terrorism is a snake fed by the Americans, but the source is Islam."

  • In interview: "In the practical side of things, secularism in India is nothing but farce. It is a synonym for Muslim appeasement and is the foundation stone of total destruction of India."

  • These are just some of the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam statements we found by Mr Tapan Ghosh.

    Ghosh told his audience at the House of Commons that he had created a "Hindu Defence Force" to protect Hindus against Muslim aggression.

    In the past he has also approvingly linked to articles by Britain First and the blogger Pamela Geller, who was barred from entering the UK.

    After numerous press inquiries the NCHT UK released a statement today saying: "The subject of the event was Tolerating the Intolerant - the abuse of Hindu Human Rights in Europe and in India. A core subject was the sustained targeting and abuse of Hindu and Sikh girls .. their selection on the basis of their religion and their subsequent physical and emotional abuse for the purposes of forced conversion to Islam. This phenomenon has been reported here in the UK but has also been a major problem in India and most especially in West Bengal, Bangladesh and Pakistan."

    The Muslim Council of Britain said in a statement to Barfi Culture today: "It is astounding that a Conservative MP seems to have welcomed to Parliament with open arms a man who trades in propagating hatred against Muslims in India. Mr Ghosh is a founder of a far-right party in that country and in this year we have heard of shocking murders against Muslims, very often linked to the kind of anti-Muslim rhetoric emanating from people like Mr Ghosh. If we are to tackle extremism as the government has stated it wants to, then we should not see it emanating on its own doorstep and apparently condoned by its own MPs."

    Article published on 25th October 2017 in the Politics section

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