This guy's ex gave him a t-shirt with 'Bhenchod' on it and told him it meant 'I love you'
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 1st November 2017

Pranks rarely get much better than this.

Twitter user @Brohsen ran into this man in Las Vegas and asked him about his t-shirt.

The man says his ex-girlfriend gave it to him and told him it meant "I love you". So of course he was proudly walking around wearing it.

The t-shirt says 'Bhenchod' - which in Punjabi means erm.... sister-f**ker

Here is the picture and tweet in all its glory.

We agree with @brohsen - it's just beautiful.

Of course, others on Twitter couldn't contain their delight.

Word of advice: next time do a search or ask your Punjabi friend. And if you don't have one, why not?

Moral of the story: don't annoy a Punjabi woman.

Article published on 1st November 2017 in the People section

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