This writer's face is appearing on ads across the world - but she isn't getting paid for it
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 1st August 2018

Writer and author Shubnum Khan lives in Durban, South Africa. She writes books and articles for publications all over the world.

But her face has also been used to promote McDonald's in China, immigration in Canada, carpets in New York, trekking trips in Cambodia and even love on a French dating website.

But she's not a model and she has no idea who is using her picture or where. Her face just.... turns up.

She explained how it all happened on Twitter, and frankly the whole thing is bonkers. You just have to read it to believe it.

What a crazy story! Thankfully though it hasn't taken a turn for the worse and she is safe, though still underpaid.

Article published on 1st August 2018 in the People section

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