Journalist Mehdi Hasan admits he said 'ignorant shit' about gays and homosexuality
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 26th April 2018

The British journalist and interviewer Mehdi Hasan today admitted that he was "definitely guilty" of saying "ignorant shit" about gays and homosexuality when he was younger, and he was sorry for that.

He also said Muslims should be the last people to be okay with "hate being spread against any minority" given the current climate.

The prominent British journalist currently lives in Washington D.C. and hosts the interview show 'Upfront' on Al Jazeera English. He also writes a column for The Intercept website.

He made the comments following a controversy in the US about allegedly homophobic comments by the presenter Joy Ann Reid ten years ago.

He also said he was embarrassed about writing a letter to the Daily Mail years ago pitching himself as a writer.

Article published on 26th April 2018 in the People section

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