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Without proof, some in India are pointing fingers at Sikhs for Mississauga blast
26th May | Crime

15 people injured after bomb goes off at Indian restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario
25th May | Crime

A British mother has been convicted of forcing her daughter into marriage in Pakistan
22nd May | Crime

BBC Asian Network accused of ignoring Gujaratis after it drops Parle Patel show
19th May | Media

Uproar as Oxford Uni Pakistan Society is accused of discrimination and bigotry against Ahmadis
15th May | People

Texas city elects its first Muslim, Pakistani immigrant councilman - despite a racist campaign
14th May | People

Marvel is working on bringing Pakistani-American character Kamala Khan to life too
13th May | Entertainment

To survive, this five-year-old girl needs more British Indians to register their bone marrow
12th May | People

This charity is encouraging UK Muslims to pay Zakat to local groups instead - with good reason
6th May | Politics

'Any charges against British citizen Jagtar Johal are compromised by torture allegations'
5th May | World

How did Satanic Verses affect British Muslims over 30 years? BBC's Mobeen Azhar to tell the story
2nd May | Media

Conservatives promise 'zero tolerance' on anti-Muslim bigotry after controversies and resignations
2nd May | Politics

Riz Ahmed is bringing a nine-part drama called 'Englishstan' to the BBC
1st May | People

Journalist Mehdi Hasan admits he said 'ignorant shit' about gays and homosexuality
26th Apr | People

British Sikh women twice as likely to face mental health issues than men, says new report
26th Apr | Culture

The Simpsons need to change Apu's out-of-date character, says his actor Hank Azaria
25th Apr | Culture

Asian men, Bollywood and cooking: BBC unveils 'Big British Asian summer' season
24th Apr | Media

Jeremy Corbyn promises full inquiry into Britain's role in 1984 assault on Golden Temple
24th Apr | Politics

Senior UK civil servant criticised for calling Harminder Sahib "The Golden Mosque"
23rd Apr | Politics

The sister of murdered Paviter Bassi has made a moving plea about our 'culture of silence'
22nd Apr | Crime

Indian students denied entry to Modi's London event after they asked him to protect women
20th Apr | Politics

Nine injured after a huge fight breaks out between Sikhs at Gurdwara in Indiana
18th Apr | Politics

Protests greet Narendra Modi as he arrives in London
18th Apr | Politics

Indian student societies in UK demand Narendra Modi takes urgent action on rape cases
16th Apr | World

Sunday Times finally admits a mistake in claiming groomers were 80% Asian
16th Apr | Media

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