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Comedian Lilly Singh's face looms over New York City's Times Square in new ad campaign
17th Aug | People

Are Conservatives trying to bring Trumpism to Canada? Jagmeet Singh is not having it
16th Aug | Politics

Desi Reality TV Takeover: Dr Ranj joins Strictly, Hardeep Kohli joins Celebrity Big Brother
16th Aug | Entertainment

Scientist Angela Saini's ground-breaking book on women will be sent to British schools
14th Aug | People

Stop pushing British Muslim women towards Sharia courts, say women's groups
13th Aug | Politics

Khalistan 2020 event in London attracts several thousand Sikhs, and some controversy
13th Aug | World

Rise in incidents of abuse against British Muslim women after Boris Johnson's comments
12th Aug | Crime

Indian mother of British resident threatened by UK officials for coming 'too often'
10th Aug | People

Jagmeet Singh to contest by-election in British Columbia so he can be an MP
9th Aug | Politics

Why a rally for 'Khalistan 2020' this Sunday is raising tension amongst UK Sikh groups
8th Aug | World

Tens of thousands of Ahmadi Muslims to gather in England to celebrate annual Jalsa
4th Aug | World

A new court ruling on Islamic marriages could affect thousands of British Muslims
2nd Aug | Politics

This writer's face is appearing on ads across the world - but she isn't getting paid for it
1st Aug | People

Justice! Parents jailed for forcing their daughter into marriage in Bangladesh
31st Jul | Crime

Netflix wants to make 'Master of None' again but Aziz Ansari is still missing in action
31st Jul | People

The UK Home Office has been rejecting Afghan Sikh refugees out of ignorance
30th Jul | World

First ever British Asian LGBT conference breaks new ground in Birmingham
30th Jul | Culture

British MP suspended for defending Sri Lankan gov't while not declaring holiday gifts
26th Jul | Politics

UK government won't outlaw caste-discrimination after lobbying from Hindu and Sikh groups
24th Jul | People

Are British Sikhs getting an option to be an 'ethnic group'? Not anytime soon
24th Jul | People

Anti-Muslim hate crimes at highest level says new report by monitoring group
23rd Jul | Crime

Sikhs forced to cut their hair & Hindus given beef - say detainees held by Trump policy
22nd Jul | World

Campaign to teach Partition in British schools launched in Westminster yesterday
19th Jul | Culture

Man rescues elderly Bangladeshi woman from station after she ran away from home
10th Jul | People

Two Bengalis had an unexpected conversation about being a gay in NYC and it was wonderful
10th Jul | Culture

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