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Hundreds of Britons and Americans are still being ripped off by fake degrees from Pakistan
16th Jan | Crime

Aziz Ansari responds to allegations of sexual misconduct by a woman he dated
15th Jan | People

Neo-Nazi who shouted 'white power' and tried to kill a Muslim man with his van walks free after trial
13th Jan | Crime

Kumail Nanjiani wants to bring back the iconic film 'My Beautiful Laundrette' as a series
12th Jan | Entertainment

Royal Mail to issue a stamp of 'revolutionary' princess Sophia Duleep Singh to honour Suffragettes
12th Jan | People

London rabbi helps raise £20,000 for family of Gujarati shopkeeper murdered by teenagers
11th Jan | Crime

Gautam Malkani's Londonstani is being turned into a movie and they're looking for Asian male actors
11th Jan | Culture

British Sikh MP defends Muslim girls "right to choose" hijabs in angry letter to government
8th Jan | Politics

American and British Sikhs are now joining the Gurdwara ban on Indian government officials
8th Jan | World

Rest in Power: Tributes pour in for writer and thinker A. Sivanandan after he passes away
4th Jan | People

Some Sikh Gurdwaras in Toronto have barred Indian officials on government business
2nd Jan | Politics

Where are Punjabi and Tamil being spoken across America? The U.S. government now finally knows
20th Dec | Culture

British activist Jagtar Singh Johal's case has been transferred to India's counter-terror agency
19th Dec | People

The world's 'first Muslim panto' goes on tour - and its already sold out
13th Dec | Entertainment

Gurbir Grewal is about to become the first Sikh Attorney-General in U.S. history
12th Dec | Politics

This is how Parvati and Padma Patil should have looked at Hogwarts Ball in Harry Potter
11th Dec | Entertainment

Sadiq Khan is on a historic trade mission to bring India and Pakistan closer to London
6th Dec | World

WATCH: Muslim woman in London told to leave McDonald's for wearing a headscarf
1st Dec | World

Preet Didbal becomes the first Sikh woman elected as city mayor in the U.S.
1st Dec | Politics

Katie Hopkins proved too awful a columnist, even for the Mail
27th Nov | Media

Amir Khan asked if the UK ever had a woman Prime Minister. Bet he wished he hadn't
27th Nov | Entertainment

This racist tweeted angrily about 'korma' and people couldn't stop making fun of him
23rd Nov | Comedy

Why was this man who wanted to 'kill a Muslim' and be a 'martyr' not called a terrorist?
23rd Nov | Crime

The Football Association board has appointed an Asian person to its board for the first time ever
22nd Nov | People

Poet Rupi Kaur's books take No. 1 and No. 2 slots on New York Times bestseller list
16th Nov | Culture

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