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UK government planning to require Muslims to legally register all Islamic marriages too
16th Mar | Politics

Facebook has finally deleted Britain First and banned its leaders for "animosity and hatred"
14th Mar | Media

Four British Muslim MPs have now had threatening 'suspect packages' sent to them
13th Mar | Crime

British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal could be held in Indian jail for two years without charge
13th Mar | World

British Muslims respond to 'Punish a Muslim' letters with 'Love a Muslim Day' instead
12th Mar | Crime

What would an Asian sequel to 'Get Out' look like? These desis had some great ideas
10th Mar | Entertainment

Multiple British Muslim homes have received threatening 'Punish a Muslim Day' letters
9th Mar | Crime

Calls for Britain First's Facebook Page to be deleted after its leaders were convicted of hatecrimes
9th Mar | Media

Conservative MP distances himself from 'Khalistani extremism' motion he was promoting
8th Mar | Politics

Canadian columnist criticised for calling Sikhs "a closed, fanatical bunch"
6th Mar | Media

Jagmeet Singh says Canadian government should investigate 'Indian interference' claims
5th Mar | Politics

Kumail at Oscars: I am from Pakistan and Iowa, two places Hollywood cannot find on the map
5th Mar | Entertainment

Canadian Tory MP says he is a "strong supporter" of Sikhs as he helps them get visas
4th Mar | Politics

How British Sikh and Muslim volunteers are helping the homeless during the big freeze
2nd Mar | People

Hasan Minaj becomes the first desi American to host a weekly comedy show on Netflix
1st Mar | Comedy

Canadian Conservatives dump their motion on Khalistani 'extremism' after criticism from Sikhs
1st Mar | Politics

India and Canada throw more accusations at each other after Justin Trudeau returns home
28th Feb | World

Baroness Warsi gets apology and £20,000 in damages from Jewish News over "offensive" article
23rd Feb | Media

India and Canada announce agreement against banned Sikh and Muslim terror groups
23rd Feb | Politics

Prominent women's charity Amirah Foundation shuts down after accusations of fraud
23rd Feb | People

Gucci shows off turbans at catwalk show, but couldn't find a single brown model to wear them
22nd Feb | Culture

Turbaned Sikh man who was due to meet MP attacked and abused outside UK Parliament
22nd Feb | Crime

Breaking new ground, British Muslim event to hear from Ahmadi, LGBT and ex- Muslims
19th Feb | People

Sri Lankan diplomat in London suspended after 'threatening' behaviour caught on video
6th Feb | Politics

A bitter row has broken out between UK's two most senior Sikh politicians
4th Feb | Politics

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