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Man rescues elderly Bangladeshi woman from station after she ran away from home
10th Jul | People

Two Bengalis had an unexpected conversation about being a gay in NYC and it was wonderful
10th Jul | Culture

The best desi videos and memes on England's football team we could find
10th Jul | Culture

Why are Sikh MPs not doing more to help Afghani refugees, ask Canadians
8th Jul | World

What happened when England fans ran into a Muslim family last night
4th Jul | Culture

70 British MPs sign letter calling on UK government to make a statement on Jagtar Johal
3rd Jul | World

School in Kashmir 'thrilled' after J.K. Rowling sends them gifts
26th Jun | World

Canadian MPs raise alarm about 'escalating violence' among Punjabis in Brampton
24th Jun | Crime

These writers found just *five* (mg) books by non-white authors were published in 2018
21st Jun | Media

Sikh and Christian refugees from India jailed in cells 'for 22 hours a day' by US govt
20th Jun | World

Its not just Latinos, Sikh and Hindu refugees are being locked up by Trump too
19th Jun | Politics

Anger at UK's plan to exclude Indians from relaxed visa rules for international students
18th Jun | World

Lincoln man charged over the 'Punish a Muslim Day' letter threats
14th Jun | Crime

Over a thousand Canadians rallied against gang violence in Surrey yesterday
14th Jun | Crime

How Indian are you? This woman asked and got some hilarious responses
13th Jun | People

A 'dramatic fall' in number of Asian blood donors is worrying UK health officials
13th Jun | Health

Poet Rupi Kaur admits she also struggles with depression and "feeling terrified"
11th Jun | People

Jailed British Sikh Jagtar Singh Johal reveals shocking details of torture in India
10th Jun | People

Amandeep Madra and Akeela Ahmed among those honoured by Queen for community service
9th Jun | People

Gurratan Singh wins seat along with a big list of other desis in Ontario's elections
8th Jun | Politics

An alternative World Cup is taking place in London, with Punjab and Tamil Eelam playing
7th Jun | World

Two Punjabi teenagers killed in a targeted shooting in Surrey, Canada
7th Jun | People

Is Jagmeet Singh on the verge of his first big political victory?
6th Jun | Politics

Thousands of Sikhs expected in central London on Sunday to remember victims of 1984
1st Jun | Politics

The UK Conservative party needs to tackle its own Islamophobia, says Muslim body
31st May | Politics

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