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News articles
London's Hindu temples warned to be vigilant after second robbery in five days
  Crime   •   13th November 2018
Dr Who's partition episode attracts rave reviews for covering a sensitive subject
  Entertainment   •   11th November 2018
Who vandalised the Sikh soldier statue in Birmingham? Many Sikhs say: 'one of our own'
  Crime   •   11th November 2018
With record numbers standing, desis also represented in the US midterm elections
  Politics   •   8th November 2018
Sikh Federation UK apologises for 'unacceptable' tweet on death of civil servant
  Politics   •   7th November 2018
Faisal Islam goes from Sky News to BBC as its new Economics Editor
  Media   •   6th November 2018
MP for British Sikh jailed in India says both UK and Indian governments are failing him
  World   •   5th November 2018
Why many in the Tamil diaspora are worried about turmoil in Sri Lanka
  World   •   31st October 2018
'How I was verbally, racially and physically abused on a London Tube station'
  Crime   •   31st October 2018
Globe and Mail journalist Sunny Dhillon quits in dispute over race reporting
  Media   •   29th October 2018
Opinion columns
I was raped at 19. Writing has helped me deal with what happened
  People   •   29th October 2018
How can we make sense of the current crisis in Sikh and Panjab politics?
  World   •   29th October 2018
How my homophobic dad, who co-founded Birmingham Central Mosque, became an LGBT ally
  People   •   29th October 2018
The Conservatives need to stop blaming "diversity" as a problem for Canada
  Politics   •   29th October 2018
I ran away from home after my parents forced me into marriage when I was 19
  Culture   •   29th October 2018
People profiles
Hyde Panaser on how he got into stand-up comedy and his other favourite acts
  Comedy   •   29th October 2018
Sikh, turbaned and queer: Prabhdeep is fighting for acceptance and love
  Culture   •   29th October 2018
With her Muslim Valentine's Day cards, Taz Ahmed challenges Islamophobia with humour
  Culture   •   29th October 2018
Journalist Angela Saini's book on how science is biased against women is winning awards
  People   •   29th October 2018
That Asian woman on Black Mirror? Say hello to actress Kiran Sonia Sawar
  Entertainment   •   29th October 2018
Feature articles
The Battle for Little Pakistan, in New York City
  Culture   •   29th October 2018
This group of friends have quietly delivered £200k in aid to refugees worldwide
  World   •   29th October 2018
I took 200 Yazidi women who escaped ISIS on a shopping trip, to experience colours again
  World   •   29th October 2018
JUSTICE: After 17 years the family of Canadian woman Jassi Sidhu will go on trial for her horrific murder
  Crime   •   29th October 2018
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