Katie Hopkins proved too awful a columnist, even for the Mail
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 27th November 2017

As Gary Linekar put it, to be too awful for the Mail is an astonishing achievement.

Yes, Mail Online has ended its contract with professional bigot Katie Hopkins, it was confirmed today. A spokesperson told the Press Gazette: "Katie’s contract was not renewed by mutual consent."

Oh dear.

Moreover, it seems Hopkins didn't want future employers to find out about her awful views either. She has deleted all her tweets too.

The story was first broken by a blog last night, which noted that Hopkins hadn't written anything for the Mail Online since early October. She had a weekly column.

Mail Online gave Hopkins a column two years ago after she stopped writing for The Sun newspaper. At the Sun she had written the infamous column calling Syrian refugees "cockroaches".

Hopkins was also sacked by LBC radio a few months ago over her xenophobic views. After the Manchester terror attack she called for a “final solution” for Muslims. She later deleted the tweet.

All we can say is, good riddance!

Article published on 27th November 2017 in the Media section

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