Daily Mail readers can't deal with the fact that Nadiya Hussain celebrates Christmas too
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 31st October 2017

It is two months to Christmas and the Daily Mail newspaper is already gearing up for it. Yesterday it featured a piece on Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain and "her tips" for Christmas.

It turns out that while Nadiya is cooking, her husband Abdal is in charge of all the housework! What is this, the 21st century? Absolutely shocking behaviour.

Even more shockingly, it turns out Nadiya Hussain and her family celebrate Christmas!

Mail Online's Stephanie Linning wrote: "The mother-of-three, who is Muslim, explained that her family does not celebrate Christmas in the 'traditional sense' but that they still enjoy sharing in the 'warmth' and goodwill that the day brings."

"To keep the day running smoothly, Nadiya starts planning the day a month in advance to avoid any last minute panics."

What, a Muslim family celebrating Christmas? What kind of political correctness is this? Mail readers couldn't deal with it.

If Muslims don't celebrate Christmas they are criticised for not integrating. But if they do....

"Why is she celebrating Christmas? She's not Christian !!!!" - wrote Lynnfern. That was the top-rated comment posted to the story.

The next top-rated comment by Mrs D was in the same vein: "I don't believe a word of it ! We all know why she won The Bake Off and it had nothing to do with her cakes ! her family does not celebrate Christmas in the 'traditional sense' so why is she commenting on it ? Go away."

So if you don't celebrate Christmas in the "traditional sense" you're not allowed to comment on it? Funny how that rarely applies to celebrities with a paler skin tone.

Jane Roberts from Oxford wrote: "Why do I not want tips about how to celebrate Christmas from this woman? Would she like mine on how to celebrate Eid?"

But Jane, if you celebrated other festivals then you wouldn't be a hateful bigot posting on the Mail website, would you!?

Daily Mail readers can't make up their mind can they?

They complain when Muslims don't join in their festivals and then complain when they do. Such is the confused and hateful life of a racist tabloid newspaper reader.

Opinion published on 31st October 2017 in the Media section

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