Sunday Times finally admits a mistake in claiming groomers were 80% Asian
By Barfi Culture Team
16th April 2018

The Sunday Times issued a 'clarification' yesterday over a controversial and inaccurate headline it had published last year.

On December 10th 2017, it ran a story claiming: "Asians make up 80% of child goomers - study".

The headline was criticised as grossly inaccurate and attracted plenty of criticism on social media. But the Sunday Times refused to change it.

It's only when Miqdaad Versi, assistant general-secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, made an official complaint to the newspaper industry standards body, IPSO, that changes were made.

Yesterday the Sunday Times ran this clarification:

Further to our article headlined “Asians make up 80% of child groomers — study” (December 10, 2017), we would like to make clear that the report referred to in this article did not find that 80% of all child groomers were Asian, as stated in the article’s headline and opening line.

Rather, it found that 80% of those convicted of child grooming gang offences were Asian.

According to a report by the Office of Children's Commissioner (OCC), 36% of perpetrators of gang or group related sexual violence were white, 27% were Asian, and 16% were of an undisclosed ethnicity.

It also found that the majority of child victims of gang or group related sexual violence (60%) were recorded as "white", with unknown making up the second largest category at 14%.

In response to the change, Miqdaad Versi wrote on Twitter that he expected better and would carry on pursuing the Sunday Times.

He added: "Watch this space for more on this."

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