The best desi videos and memes on England's football team we could find
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 10th July 2018

It has been a summer of England football 'Its Coming Home' memes, and British Asians have been churning them out faster than anyone else.

Desi football fever, as they say, is coming home.

So we collected the best football memes in one page. If you got some more, send them to us!

1) The wedding anniversary speech

Nothing will top this

2) Bhangra in the studio!

3) The Punjabi wedding

4) The Bollywood version

5) A (Muslim) prayer for England!

6) A (Hindu) prayer for England!

7) NAWAZ SHARIF is coming home!

8) Goodness Gracious Me!

9) East is East version

10) Goodness Gracious Me, again

11) Bonus Kabaddi edition!

Let's hope England do win, because we want more memes and we want football to come home!

Article published on 10th July 2018 in the Culture section

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