British Muslims remain wary but largely defiant about 'Punish a Muslim Day' threats
By Barfi Culture Team
3rd April 2018

Like many other British Muslims, Asha Iqbal remains defiant.

"So many Muslims are afraid to go out tomorrow cus of #PunishAMuslimDay letter! But some like myself will be doing my normal daily duties. If you see anyone getting abused don’t be a bystander, either talk to the victim reassure them or if it's not safe: get help" - she tweeted yesterday.

It is good advice. But on a day specifically picked out by a terror group to target them (today is also Nigel Farage's birthday, coincidentally) many British Muslims were looking more for reassurance.

"There has been threats & letters posted to Muslim homes with this #PunishAMuslimDay tomorrow, but where is it on the news? What is our government doing about it? Why has there been no action from the Police?" tweeted the actor and filmmaker Islah.

UK police have been outspoken on the issue (a letter from Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton was shared by Tell MAMA yesterday), but Islah is not alone in wondering why there hasn't been more coverage of the 'Punish a Muslim Day' letters.

Here's what we know so far.

Nearly a month ago
dozens of British Muslim households received threatening letters stating that 3rd April would be 'Punish a Muslim Day', with points given for increasing levels of crime.

Five MPs of Muslim backgrounds also received the letter. They were recorded by Britain's counter-terrorism police and are being investigated.

London's Metropolitan Police has also put more police on the streets in case of attacks.

And how were British Muslims dealing with it?

On social media many sounded worried but were trying not to let fear get the best of them.

There were lots of offers of solidarity and help too.

Some also had useful advice

A spokesperson from the Muslim Council of Britain told Barfi Culture that the organisation had also received "loads" of letters and messages from Muslims, worried about their safety and looking for advice.

And the best advice seems to be that if you see someone getting harassed or threatened, help them. Offer them solidarity. Offer them a bit of kindness.

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