British Muslims respond to 'Punish a Muslim' letters with 'Love a Muslim Day' instead
By Barfi Culture Team
12th March 2018

On Friday last week, multiple British Muslim homes around the country received threatening letters titled 'Punish a Muslim Day'. Counter-terrorism police are now investigating.

But rather than letting themselves be cowed and worried, many Muslims have responded by proposing that 3rd April, the date mentioned on the threatening letters, be 'Love a Muslim Day' too.

"I declare April 3rd #LoveAMuslimDay . Practice random acts of kindness directed specifically towards a Muslim or someone of Muslim descent. Buy them a coffee, take them to lunch, text them how much you appreciate them. #LoveWins" tweeted K. Scott Kohanowski.

He wasn't alone. Hundreds of Muslims on Twitter wrote the best way to respond to the hate was through love.

The updated version is a direct contrast and parody of the hate-filled screed sent to British Muslims last week.

"They have loved you. They have made you so many curries and kebabs. They have created so much love between people. How will you repay this? Are you like a 'normal' person like the vast majority of the population?" it states.

"Normal people usually are too shy to show any appreciation, and as a result they are allowing the majority of Europe and the rest of the world to become unappreciative of the fact that Muslims contribute billions of pounds to our countries, thousands of doctors heal the sick, thousands of teachers educate our children, and many more contribute to politics, the media, the judiciary, and to our democracies (even though some don't function as well as they should)," it adds.

"Only you can show your appreciation, only you have the power. Don't be a normal person. Be a special person. Show your love!"

Like the other letter, it offers "points" as rewards, but this time for acts of kindness.

Smiling at a Muslim gets you 10 points, throwing flowers at a Muslim person is 50 points, and taking a weekend trip with your Muslim colleagues gets you 250 points.

Doing a fundraiser for the needy and suffering in places such as Yemen, Iraq and Myanmar is worth 1000 points.

The letter was first posted to Twitter by Shahab Ud'deen.

It has since been welcomed by hundreds, with the hashtag #LoveaMuslimDay trending on Twitter.

British professor Tahir Abbas tweeted: "This is a wonderfully inspirational antidote to the hatemakers... Various versions being shared on social media"

Bushra Anwar wrote: "What better way to counter hate than with love? FYI I'm very partial to coffee and cake."

But then, who isn't?

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