Multiple British Muslim homes have received threatening 'Punish a Muslim Day' letters
By Barfi Culture Team
9th March 2018

Britain's counter-terrorism police are investigating reports of Muslim families around the country receiving a threatening letter titled 'Punish a Muslim Day'.

The letter was received by families in London, the Midlands and Yorkshire. A Muslim councillor in Bradford told the Telegraph and Argus that he had informed the police too.

The letter was posted to Twitter this morning. It says 'Punish a Muslim Day' is on 3rd April and has a list of points that will be awarded according to hate-crimes.

It reads: "They have hurt you, they have made your loved ones suffer. They have caused you pain and heartache. What are you going to do about it? Are you a 'sheep' like the vast majority of the population?"

It also says that rewards will be awarded "based on actions taken".

These go from:
"Verbally abuse a Muslim" (10 points) to
"Throw acid in the face of a Muslims" (50 points) to
"Butcher a Muslim using gun, knife, vehicle or otherwise" (500 points) and
"Bomb or burn a mosque" (1000 points).

The letter calls for violence against British Muslims on April 3rd. Barfi Culture has yet to confirm the veracity of the letter but we have reached out to the person who posted it.

The hate-crime monitoring group Tell MAMA say: "We are liaising with police on this. If you receive one of these letters, try not to handle it as much as possible for evidential purposes. Keep the envelope as well which is useful for police. "

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police are investigating a number of reports of potentially malicious communications sent to individuals in the Bradford area. Officers are currently investigating the full circumstances. Anyone with any concerns about a communication they may have received should contact police on 101."

This story has been updated to reflect multiple reports of the letter being sent.

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