This racist tweeted angrily about 'korma' and people couldn't stop making fun of him
by barfiCulture Team
23rd November 2017

Barry Stanton is an angry man. He also recently started using Twitter. So you can guess what happened next.

He sends out racist tweets like this:

In fact he doesn't seem to like any non-white people

But he especially hates Muslims

Who knew 'hijabi' was a language? You learn something new from racists every day!

Yesterday he tweeted:

And that's when Twitter couldn't stop punning him. Blame writer Hari Kunzru for kicking it off

And it just went even more pun-tastic from there

And one of our favourites...

The jokes kept coming in!

And this classic...


Tune in for some more badly spelled racism next week!

Editor's note: While undoubtedly a funny story, we strongly suspect this is a parody account.

Article published on 23rd November 2017 in the Comedy section

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