This racist tweeted angrily about 'korma' and people couldn't stop making fun of him
By: Barfi Culture Team
Published: 23rd November 2017

Barry Stanton is an angry man. He also recently started using Twitter. So you can guess what happened next.

He sends out racist tweets like this:

In fact he doesn't seem to like any non-white people

But he especially hates Muslims

Who knew 'hijabi' was a language? You learn something new from racists every day!

Yesterday he tweeted:

And that's when Twitter couldn't stop punning him. Blame writer Hari Kunzru for kicking it off

And it just went even more pun-tastic from there

And one of our favourites...

The jokes kept coming in!

And this classic...


Tune in for some more badly spelled racism next week!

Editor's note: While undoubtedly a funny story, we strongly suspect this is a parody account.

Article published on 23rd November 2017 in the Comedy section

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