An introduction to the Chat section: why its here [pinned]

1:01am, 14th January 2018

Hello, this is the Chat section of Barfi Culture.

Anyone can easily register for this section, start a discussion and/or respond to others. The instructions are at the end. There are rules of course - you cannot be abusive or bigoted towards others - but that's roughly it.

This section is here for two reasons.

1. For readers to chat with each other, use it as a platform, ask for advice, promote what they're doing, or debate what is going on around the world. Or to just flirt and chat with each other, as most people would do.

From 2001 - 2006, when Barfi Culture existed as a different website, it had many chat boards like this one. Thousands of people posted messages on topics of all kinds. So of course, I had to bring back the Chat board for the new Barfi Culture too.

2. It's a place where I, as the editor of the site, can have a discussion with the Barfi Culture community.

I will post updates here on what's new on the site. Plus, I like to be transparent, so I will also use this section to respond to questions about articles we publish.

First, you have to register from this page.

You can pick whatever username and password you like, except for weird characters (we block them because they can be used to hack websites). Please use a valid email address incase you forget your password.

Once registered, come back here and tap 'Start a Conversation'. Then enter the headline of the topic, and whatever you would like to say.
Or you can register to respond to other people on an ongoing topic of conversation.

You start conversations or respond to them by filling in the boxes, like on Facebook. That's it!

Editor, Barfi Culture

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